Mental Health First Aid

The Mental Health First Aid Program is a course to learn how to personally help someone who has a mental problem or experiences a mental crisis. During this 8-hour course, the following topics will be discussed: Depression, Anxiety Disorder, Suicide, Panic Attacks, Traumatic Events, Psychosis, Substance Use Disorder, Using Mental Health First Aid and Evaluation.

*Upon competition of this course you will receive the National Council for Behavioral Health Certification.

Grace Kim.png

Past Participant Grace Kim said:

”After taking a Mental Health First Aid course, it helped me to understand better those who are suffering with mental disorders and how to reach them. Back then, I did not have knowledge and misconceptions about mental disorders. Now, I was able to support my friends and family members who are having a difficult time when they are in crisis. It opened up my eyes and was able to gain new perceptions in depression and substance disorders. I would like to recommend everyone to take this course so that it would benefit everyone.“




DATE & TIME February 9 2019 (SAT) 9AM - 6PM
LOCATION Esther Ha Foundation (217-04 Northern Blvd. Bayside NY 11361)
ADMISSION Free Admission - First 20 Applicants
TO APPLY Text 917 993 2377 or Email